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  • Customer Dissatisfaction: 3 Tips to Manage a Crisis. What’s your marketing strategy?

    April 18, 2012

    Customer Dissatisfaction: 3 Tips to Manage a Crisis. What's your marketing strategy?

    After 31 years of loyalty, I was ready to jump ship.

    By Maureen McCabe

    The past three weeks have been technologically brutal. First, my desktop was infected with a Trojan Horse. Then Bell Canada cut off my landline in error, and three days later the internet stopped working – without notice.

    Bell provided inferior support throughout my crisis despite being a loyal landline customer since 1981. Only when I escalated and advised I was ready to switch all three services, a technical support guru was sent to fix the problems they created. After the situation was resolved, they justifiably earned the lowest rating possible in every category on their customer satisfaction survey. 

    The following three pre-defined strategies helped me overt what could have been a crisis with my customers – and – prospective customers.